Independence and Dignity for everyone...


The parcel [ Spacer] came promptly and yesterday the maintenance man at this residential facility installed the spacer. So far it is living up to my expectations.

I think the spacer is an excellent product and I will make it known to the management here, to a surgical supply firm in Ballina I deal with – and to the POST-POLIO NETWORK (NSW) INC which disseminates this sort of information to its members.

I wish you much success with the equipment – the rails look great for those [who can push] themselves up.

Such a relief to find an experienced OT coming to grips with designing appropriate aids!

Ian - NSW

Dear Helen

Just to let you know how much I appreciate the ‘spacer’ which DVA has supplied recently. This has meant that I now have a normal toilet seat to sit on and it is raised to the height I need. It also means that I can again use the rails which had been stored away because they didn’t fit the old system...
these are a great aid when getting off the toilet.

Well done, thanks again.


Brendan just went into the toilet all by himself half an hour ago and was able to manage a wee. Was so determined to do it himself (and so safe thanks to the throne) not bad for an ataxic CP kid!!


...Having had multiple surgery to both hips I was left with very little upward movement.   Toilet occasions became my great fear offering no stable support or help.  3 years ago I obtained the Throne accessory, since then I have lost my fear as it offers stability. The design enables me ‘[to] sit and rise without any difficulty. I also purchased one for my brother who had terminal cancer & had lost the use of one arm. He had experienced several falls from the aid he had as it was not stable. He found as I had with the Throne accessory he had no fear of falling as it is completely stable.


Just wanted to let you know that your product is great! My 5 year old daughter has C.P. and can now get on and off toilet all by herself! We had a bit of trouble finding a child size toilet seat insert to fit, but have finally found a solution to that problem.

Ms Lovelace – NSW

I am writing to say a huge thank you for providing our 8 year old daughter with a Throne toilet seat . Since our daughter Katelyn received the throne , she has been so motivated to become independent with getting herself onto the toilet. Just last month she succeeded with her mission and is now able to hop onto the toilet unsupervised. We are so proud of her and she is extremely proud of herself. She is a highly motivated little girl who never gives up, which is inspirational to us as her parents. She has taught us so much in her short life that is for sure.

Without your help, she would still have been struggling with the toilet issue.

Karen, Chris, Katelyn & Claire R.

(On behalf of Deakin Medical Centre)

Based on the experience of my patient Mrs. … with the “Throne Rail” I do recommend its’ use for people with hip, knee and low back problems and pain, to ease toileting problems many may experience with the normal toilet.

Dr Kwee Lian Lim – ACT

Thanks so much for the speedy dispatch of the Throne Rail and Step.  The little boy had 2 day’s practice with it before starting school today and I went to school to see his dad demonstrate and the aides assist him today and it all worked like a breeze.  He’s had a good first day and toileting wasn’t a drama.  Good start.

I really appreciate your help.


Heather has suggested I should write a letter of recommendation for your invention of “The Throne”. I was recently discharged from Clare Holland House and am now at home  and finding that the aids recommended by the hospice invaluable and most invaluable is the “Throne”.

After a lifetime of medical practice I could have wished that aids such as yours could have been available to my patients.

Marcus Faunce CVO FRCP(Lond.) FRACP

I finally made contact with my client to see how she has been finding the Throne toilet rail you made her with the rotating lockable arm rests. She is delighted with it and says she wonders how she managed without it. Thanks for your help in coming up with a design, which works for her.

Occupational Therapist